Frosty China! 7000 artists carved ice statues 09Jan2017

Frosty China! 7000 artists carved ice statues

Written byRenata Jirasova09 Jan. 2017

Do you love extraordinary art and don´t mind the freezing weather of -20 °C? Then definitely go to the city of Harbin in the north of China

In the China´s coldest city, Harbin, the 34th edition of the world's largest International Ice and Snow Sculpture festival recently began and will continue until February 25th, 2018. More than 7,000 artists and workers have created huge buildings and attractions whose beauty stands out every night with colorfull lighting effects.

More than 180,000 square meters of ice and 150,000 square meters of snow were consumed in this wonderland. Over 15 million visitors from around the world are expected to visit the festival.


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