TOP 20 beer drinking countries 11Jan2016

TOP 20 beer drinking countries

Written byRenata Jirasova11 Jan. 2016

The first beer was brewed in Mesopotamia approx. in 7000 BC. Presently, after water, tea and coffee is beer the world's most popular drink and the most popular alcoholic beverage.

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For investors it is a good news: even in time of global economic recession people didn´t stop buying and consuming beer. On the contrary. Every year the consumption increases.

Do you know which country has the highest beer consumption in a year per capita? I guess your tip is Germany. The world´s popular Octoberfest is held annually in Munich and Germans are well-known lovers of this beverage. Or do you think that Brits are the biggest drinkers? Perhaps Australians, Belgians or Dutches? Nope! So who is the number ONE? You might be surprised :-).

Check out the TOP 20 beer drinking countries according to the latest statistics:

20. Hungary

  • 75,3 liters per capita 

19. New Zealand

  • 77 liters per capita

18. Netherlands

  • 79 liters per capita

17. Croatia

  • 81,2 liters per capita

16. USA

  • 81,6 liters per capita

15. Spain

  • 83,8 liters per capita

14. Slovakia

  • 84,1 liters per capita

13. Luxembourg

  • 84,5 liters per capita

12. Finland

  • 85 liters per capita

11. Lithuania

  • 89 liters per capita

10. Denmark

  • 89,9 liters per capita

9. Romania

  • 90 liters per capita

8. Belgium

  • 93 liters per capita

7. United Kingdom

  • 99 liters per capita

6. Estonia

  • 104 liters per capita

5. Austria

  • 108,3 liters per capita

4. Austrália

  • 109,9 liters per capita

3. Germany

  • 115,8 liters per capita

2. Ireland

  • 131,3 liters per capita

1. The Czech Republic!

  • with 156.9 liters per person is the Czech Republic the absolute winner :-) - "Na zdraví!" (Cheers!

A few interesting notes:

- The Czech Republic was the first country to have a beer museum, as well as the first beer brewing textbook (Pilsener and Budweiser).

- Czech beer is a national treasure. The tradition of cultivation has a long history in the Czech Republic. Beer of the highest quality has been brewed here for centuries, and it has become deeply embedded in the national culture.

- Czechs believe (and some studies confirm) that beer is very healthy not only for digestion, kidneys, reducing the high blood pressure, stronger bones, reducing the risk of cancer, heart attact and stroke but also for the beautiful skin. Due to this fact you can find many Beer spa in Prague and other cities of the Czech Republic.

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